* Main Style Of Our School *

          "Red Dragon System" of HaBushiDo Karate    


Red Dragon System of HaBushiDo Karate Is an American System with Korean, Japanese, Chinese and other influences

It is a system that has self defense techniques from Hapkido,Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Karate, etc. This way the student can learn a comprehensive method of self defense. The Red Dragon System uses a few of the Traditional White Dragon System of HaBushiDo Karate Katas but it also has its own Unique Katas. It also offers weapon forms (Katas)  but they are not mandatory. This system is also great for physical fitness. All ages and body types regardless of fitness level can benefit from our training program. Every martial art style has its benefits and offer something different depending on the individual’s interests.  Whether you want to learn it for self-defense, to get fit or you’re interested in becoming a martial arts instructor one day, HaBushiDo Karate has something to offer you. HaBushiDo Karate can be adapted to each individual depending on the person’s interests and abilities. We practice a wide range of self-defense techniques that can be effective in multiple situations. For example, we practice techniques for attacks from grabs, punches, kicks, and weapons assaults. We teach, escapes, locks, takedowns, throws, strikes and kicks, including low kicks, sweep kicks, as well as a few high kicks and a few jumping kicks. Some individuals are physically unable to perform some of the kicks etc. therefore, this system can be modified on an individual basis when needed so everyone has the same chance to advance in this system. The Red Dragon System of HaBushiDo Karate will continue to evolve to meet indivdual needs. Our classes are fun and offer a great way to get in shape.
Practitioners of Red Dragon System of HaBushiDo Karate are graded on their katas, how confident they are with their techniques, how smoothly they can perform them, and how they can adapt to different situations.
The difference in rank is determined by the ability of the practitioner. The more advanced practitioner is able to execute their techniques more smoothly, faster, and under more stressful and fatigued situations. The more advanced student should have faster reaction time, more explosive movements and can apply and adapt the technique quickly to different situations.
As the student advances they learn to apply the concept of the technique to more situations so that if they encounter situations they have not "learned in the School" they will still be able to adapt to it
All punches, strikes, kicks, locks, chokes, throws and take-downs of Red Dragon System of HaBushiDo Karate are done with the aim of neutralizing the Attacker in the quickest time possible.
Unlike some types of martial arts, where limits are placed on the type of techniques used or the areas targeted, Both White Dragon System and the Red Dragon System of HaBushiDo Karate utilize Combat Concepts on placing no limitations. Groin shots, eye gouges, throat strikes, breaking limbs, etc. are all fair game.

HaBushiDo Karate is a self defense art with its own Katas and uses Combat Concepts that places an emphasis on aggressiveness, sticking to the goal no matter what, even when it is hard, even when you feel you have nothing left, and a no compromising attitude towards the enemy. Our goal is to neutralize the enemy swiftly with any means nessesary.

In The Martial Arts World, I Often Hear "This Style Is The Right Way To Learn And That Style Is No Good For One Reason Or Another".

                                                                                           I Say

                                          " There's No Wrong Way, There's A Different Way "

                                                                                          Grandmaster Paul C Holley

                                          If You Are Happy With The Style Your Learning, Its For You!


                         Red Dragon System of HaBushiDo Karate

                               * Rank Chart *

White Belt / "Start Here As Beginner"
Yellow Belt / "Advanced Beginner"
Orange Belt / "Novice Student"     
Green Belt / " Novice-Intermediate Student"
Purple Belt / "Intermediate Student"
Blue Belt / "Intermediate-Advanced Student"
Brown Belt / "Advanced Student"                                                                                                                                                    

White Stripe Black Belt / "Junior Instructor At Teacher's Dojo" ( Kids Under 13 Years Old Only )                                                                                                     

1st Degree Black Belt / "Instructor At Teacher's Dojo" ( Black Belt )
2nd Degree Black Belt / "Senior Instructor At Teachers Dojo" ( Black Belt )
3rd Degree Black Belt / "Chief Instructor" (Certified) *May Open Own Dojo If Approved* ( Black Belt )
4th Degree Black Belt / "Junior Master" ( Blue Stripe Black Belt )
5th Degree Black Belt / "Master" ( Red Stripe Black Belt ) 
6th Degree Black Belt / "Senior Master" ( Red & Black Belt ) 
7th Degree Black Belt / "Chief Master" ( Red & White Belt )
8th Degree Black Belt / "Junior Grandmaster" ( Blue Stripe Red Belt )  
9th Degree Black Belt / "Grandmaster" ( White Stripe Red Belt )
10th Degree Black Belt  / "Senior Grandmaster" ( Grey Stripe Red Belt )


Founder-Head of System 10th Dan / "Chief Grandmaster" ( Dark Red Belt With Double Grey Stripes )