NOTE: If an individual is not listed on this site than their rank is not an Authentic Rank in

                                                      The Red Dragon System of HaBushiDo Karate

NOTE: Because An Individual Holds Rank In Red Dragon HaBushiDo Karate Does Not Mean They Hold Rank In White Dragon HaBushiDo Karate And Vice Versa!



                                                  List Of Authentic Practitioners 


Head Founder: Grandmaster Paul C Holley                                

RDS01: Grandmaster Greg Flagella / RED BELT -  ( Honorary 8th Degree ) 

RDS02: Sensei David Dunn / BLACK BELT -  ( Honorary 3rd Degree )

RDS03: Sensei Robert Torres / BLACK BELT - ( Honorary 2nd Degree )

RDS04: Sensei Adam Kester / BLACK BELT - ( Honorary 3rd Degree )

RDS05: Sensei Melissa Flagella / BLACK BELT - ( Honorary 2nd Degree )

RDS06: Sensei Anthony Neubauer / BLACK BELT - ( Honorary 1st Degree )

RDS07: Sensei Neil Flagella / BLACK BELT - ( Honorary 1st Degree )

RDS08: Michael Dunn / Honorary Purple Belt

RDS09: William Verrett / Honorary Purple Belt

RDS10: Summer Dunn / Honorary Purple Belt

RDS11: Eddie Alger III / Honorary Orange Belt

RDS12: Margaret Bailey / Honorary Green Belt

RDS13: Gabriel Harp / Honorary Green Belt

RDS14: Lorisanet Torres / Honorary Green Belt

RDS15: Kalianet Torres /Honorary Orange Belt

RDS16: Abigail Flagella / Honorary Orange Belt

RDS17: John Anderson / Honorary Green Belt 

RDS18: Jada Foreman / Honorary Yellow Belt

RDS19: Amya Guevara / Honorary Orange Belt

RDS20: Riley Mckay /  Honorary Green Belt 

RDS21: Dale Badgley / Honorary Yellow Belt

RDS22: Mary Byler / Honorary Brown Belt

RDS23: Zachory R. C. Vorse / Honorary Purple Belt

RDS24: Breanda Litzen / Honorary Green Belt

RDS25: Charolet Davis / Honorary Orange Belt

RDS26: Steve Johnson / Honorary Yellow Belt

RDS27: Joshua Lanphere / Honorary Green Belt

RDS28: Alex Sealy / Honorary Orange Belt

RDS29: Emily K Johnson / Honorary Yellow Belt

RDS30: Molly M Johnson / Honorary Yellow Belt

RDS31: Elliana Neubauer / White Belt

RDS32: Lillian Neubauer / White Belt

RDS33: Sensei Vanessa Ferry / BLACK BELT - ( Honorary 1st Degree )

RDS34: Samuel R. T. Byler / White Belt

RDS35: Robert McNinch / Honorary Yellow Belt

RDS36: Gracelyn Hallowell / White Belt

RDS37: Mark Mckay / Honorary Green Belt

RDS38: Zoe Kester / Honorary Orange Belt

RDS39: Hunter Kester / Honorary Yellow Belt

RDS40: Matthew Rogers / White Belt

RDS41: Randy Stingle / Honorary Yellow Belt

RDS42: Recia L Myers / Honorary Blue Belt

RDS43: Emma Kisselbach / White Belt

RDS44: Kaden K Byrd /  White Belt

RDS45: Katrina L Joy / White Belt

RDS46: Brad Joy / Honorary Orange Belt

RDS47: Symon Trask / Honorary Green Belt